Free of Runner's Knee eBook

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Free of Runner's Knee is an honest, realistic program for treating your Runner's Knee forever

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Free of Runner's Knee F.o.R.K

Have you ever noticed that quick fixes and miracle solutions never pan out?  But that a realistic, relevant plan based on hard work, intelligence and common sense usually does?  

F.o.R.K. Program has been designed to remove all the bull shit that exists about running. I will show you the exact steps that I went through to become one of the “chosen one’s” who can run without knee pain.  

I’ve spent the last 4 years fine tuning the information to really figure out what the difference makers were and what else I could cut out. The result is a plan that has only the most important, relevant and critical information so you don’t waste time and can get back to running!

This book is designed to be an “honest, real guide for curing runner’s knee for real people”.  The great part is….you’re really not that far away from the solution. I’m asking you for some dedication, commitment and hard work.  I’m not asking you to completely change your life and train like an Olympian.

Medical terms have no place here.  Complicated exercises and regimes have been thrown out.  I aimed to create a condensed, realistic and easy to read guide to cure your knee pain and get you back on the trail as fast as humanly possible. That’s it.