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"Free of Runner's Knee" is a customizable program to treating your Runner's Knee pain! 

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The Results Speak for themselves.  I've signed up for 3 marathons and never made it to the start line because of runner's knee.  After this program, I just finished my first marathon!  It just works!

Tom M. - NYC

5 Stars!!! I rested my knees and then followed the program.  I'm so happy to say that I just ran 3 miles and my knees feel great!!

Susan P - Dallas

Let's costs a fraction of what a fancy knee brace or new special shoes's just a no brainer to at least try it. 

Jeff P - Denver

I love this program!  It makes so much sense to study your own body and make the adjustments needed.  I'm loving this program!!

Pam T - San Diego

Benefits of F.o.R.K.

Get back to what you love. Running free of knee pain.

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